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18th Nov 2021 | Kanam Vaiphei

Thu akihiat dan in Zillai General Head Quarter, General Election(2021-2023)  ahung tung ding 7th Dec 2021 Tuesday ni leh Zillai General HQ, Bethel Veng, New Lamka, Churachandpur mun ah nei ding ti ahi.

Chief Election Commission Dr Kh.Thianminlian Vaiphei in thusua abawl kimu in agen na chun, Zia  Election ahin President leh Vice President kitel na hin tin, Executive Member 6 le proposal system in tel na um ngal ding ti ahi.

Preisent leh Vice President ki tel na hi Zillai Dan Bu dung zui ah tel ding ti ahia, Nomination paper hi 18th Nov 2021 apat Election Comission kiang ah lak thei ta ding ahi. Nomination paper hi avaigei pen ah 30th Nov 2021 ma ngei a form submit kit  ding ti ahi. Vote khiat ni ding ahi le 7th Doc 2021, dak 10:10am  to 2:00pm  ki kal ah nei hin tin,  zia ni gual zaw na changte chu le puan daw hi ngal ding ahi.  Zia Election ding taw ki sai ah thuchian zia ah nuai ah link hi click a mu thei ding ahi.

Zillai General Hq Election 2021-2023


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