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🗓️Dipi 16-2024

YVA Haupi Block, Date 16/01/2024- In light of a recent and unfortunate road accident within our community along
NH102B, YVA Haupi Block is urging all residents and commuters to prioritize road safety. The incident, resulting in the loss of a precious life, highlights the critical need for enhanced awareness of driving rules and pedestrian duties.
The accident, which occurred recently, has deeply saddened our community. It serves as a stark reminder of the
importance of adhering to traffic regulations and fostering a sense of shared responsibility on the roads.
YVA Haupi Block is issuing the following reminders and requests to the community:
Adherence to Speed Limits: Motorists are urged to strictly adhere to posted speed limits. Speeding not only endangers the lives of drivers but also poses a significant risk to pedestrians and other road users.
Pedestrian Awareness: Pedestrians are reminded of their duty to use designated crosswalks and pedestrian
crossings. Being vigilant and making eye contact with drivers before crossing can contribute to overall road
Avoiding Distractions: Both drivers and pedestrians should avoid distractions such as mobile phones while on
the road. Distractions contribute to accidents and reduce reaction time. Drivers are reminded to use high beams and low beams appropriately, ensuring visibility without causing discomfort or hazards to other road users.
Community Vigilance: We call on our community members to be vigilant and look out for each other on the roads. Reporting reckless driving or suspicious behavior can help prevent accidents.
YVA Haupi Block extends heartfelt condolences to the family and friends affected by the recent tragedy. In the wake of this unfortunate incident, let us come together as a community to ensure the safety of all residents.
In a dedicated effort to enhance road safety and mitigate potential risks, YVA Haupi Block announces the strategic
installation of barricades in several critical areas from 6pm-6am within our community. These measures aim to create
safer zones and contribute to the overall well-being of residents and commuters.
The following locations have been identified for the installation of barricades:
1. FCI Godown, 2. S. Munnuam and Tangmual Junction, 3. Mt. Olive School Entrance area
4. LM Academy and EOC Office entrance area.
This initiative aligns with YVA Haupi Block’s commitment to fostering a safe and secure community. The organization
recognizes the importance of proactive measures to prevent accidents and ensure the well-being of all residents.
Residents and commuters are encouraged to adhere to traffic guidelines and appreciate the installation of
barricades as a step toward collective safety.
Copy for information and necessary action, to:
1. D.C & S.P. Churachandpur
2. Concerned Chief
4. Media
-Info. & Publicity Dept.

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