Gospel Sermon


*SAM 37:3-20*

*☦Lalpa chu ging inla, thilpha bawl ta’n; tichun, zia gam ah hin bit tak in um zing ta’n. Lalpa ah chun kipak inla, tichun, la lungthim duthusamte chu hun pia’n a. La umdan ding chu Lalpa chung ah nga’n la; ama ging in, ama’n hun bawl piak sik sek na’n a. La dik zia chu vâk gual in hun latsak intin, la thiamchan zia le sûn lai gual in hun tâk lang in a. Lalpa âng ah thipbek in um inla, ama ngâk ham ham in; thil phalo a matchâk ziak ah, vangphatna changte ziakin, nang leh nang kisulungngai kin. Lungnat kisûm inla, thangtawmna haisan in. Kihilungngai kin, zia chu siatna bul ahi. Mi nunsiate chu paithâk in, hung um ding ahi ngal un; Lalpa ngâkte chun vang gam hi la lua’n au. Chomlo kâl sung in mi nunsia chu um ta pua’n tin; a umna mun gunchu tak in hawl male chin, a la um talo ding ahi. Thunuaigolte chun vang gam hi lua in au; vangphatna nasa tak chên in au. Mi nunsia chun midik siatna ding guanggal in, a ha a gawi khum in; ahi’n, Lalpa ‘n mi nunsia chu nuisan intin; a manthaina ding ni hung tung ding ahi ti a mu ngal a. Gentheite leh tasamte nuaisia ding leh, dik tak ah umte that dingin, mi nunsiate chun a chemjam uh jukdok in, a thalpiu a lawi un; a chemjam un amau lungchang ma ma sun intin, a thalpiu chule bong in a. Mi nunsia thil tam tak neite sâng in, midik thil tawmcha neite chu a phazawi. Mi nunsia khutbân chu sukbot in um intin; midik vang Lalpa ‘n a tuzing hi. Lalpa ‘n dem kâi lo mite hinkhua chu a hezing in, a go unle kumtuang dai intin; hun phalo ah mualpho pua’n tiu in, kial hun inle kiningting in au. Mi nunsiate vang mangthai intiu in, Lalpa do-te chu gantatna mun ah, hampa seldawng gual mai hi’n au; meikhu gual in mangthai kawm ta’n au*

SAM 37:3‭-‬20 ENGLISH👇👇

*☦Trust in the Lord and do what is right! Settle in the land and maintain your integrity! Then you will take delight in the Lord , and he will answer your prayers. Commit your future to the Lord ! Trust in him, and he will act on your behalf. He will vindicate you in broad daylight, and publicly defend your just cause. Wait patiently for the Lord ! Wait confidently for him! Do not fret over the apparent success of a sinner, a man who carries out wicked schemes! Do not be angry and frustrated! Do not fret! That only leads to trouble! Wicked men will be wiped out, but those who rely on the Lord are the ones who will possess the land. Evil men will soon disappear; you will stare at the spot where they once were, but they will be gone. But the oppressed will possess the land and enjoy great prosperity. Evil men plot against the godly and viciously attack them. The Lord laughs in disgust at them, for he knows that their day is coming. Evil men draw their swords and prepare their bows, to bring down the oppressed and needy, and to slaughter those who are godly. Their swords will pierce their own hearts, and their bows will be broken. The little bit that a godly man owns is better than the wealth of many evil men, for evil men will lose their power, but the Lord sustains the godly. The Lord watches over the innocent day by day and they possess a permanent inheritance*

Psalms 37:3‭-‬18 NET


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