Miss Betty Lala in PhD sangtak ah zo; University ma sepna mungal

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22nd Sept 2022 | Kanam Vaiphei

Betty Lala in PhD sangtak ah zo; University ma sepna mungal

Nk. Betty Lala d/o Rev PG Lala Vaiphei & Pi Sawnkim of Lingsiphai (tulaitak ah Pune ah um) chun Kyushu University, Fukoka, Japan ah Ph.D in Architecture (Building Physics) in Energy and Environmental Engineering (EEE) chu sangtak a zilzo in Doctorate degree piak in a um hi. Zia mai chu hilo in a zilna ah chawihawina Commendation Award le a sâng a, a zilna University ah sem zawm ngal ding a hi. A ma hin 2018 kum a khan Japan government nuai ah Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology (MEXT) nuai ah Scholarship mu in kum 3 a la zil a hi.

Nk Betty Lala in kum 2014 a khan IIT Roorkee a pat in Master in Architecture chu first class in a la zo a, Manipal University inle Asst Professor na le ala sem ngai hi.

Kipakpina sangtak lân kawm in maban a lawtinto zel i dawisak hi.


2015 kum ah Nk Betty tawh Khawvaiphei.com team holimna a nuai ah sim utte a ding in-


Khawvaiphei.com in Manipal University, Manipal, Karnataka ah Asst Prof. Betty Chong Elizabeth @ Betty Lala chu venna nei in houlimpina a kinei a, kihoulimna tangpi hiat thei ding dawl khenkhat te chu a nuai ah gual hi a hi.

Min: Betty Chong Elizabeth @ Betty Lala
Nu leh Pa Min: Rev. P.G.Lala and Mrs. Sawnkim
Pianni: 24th December 1986.
Home Address: Old Sangvi, Pune.
Present Address: Manipal, Karnataka.
Asst Prof. Manipal University, Manipal
Permanent Add: Lingsiphai, CC Pur
Class X: Grace Academy, Dehra Dun
Class XII: Grace Academy, Dehra Dun
Graduation: Dr. D Y Patil College of Architecture, Pune University
IIT Roorkee Master of Architecture = 84.4%

KVC: Zillai chanpite a ding ah dawisakna thucha bang gen nuam la nei em?

Betty: To begin with, may all glory and all praises be to our God, who has proved His faithfulness continuously all through every step of my life. And my hearty gratitude and thanks to the Khawvaiphei team for taking time out of their busy schedules and their encouragement, their effort to visit and have a memorable time. I am honoured and deeply appreciate their gesture.

Its an honor to have this privilege and I am humbled by the gesture I am bestowed on. Nothing I have achieved is extra ordinary or out of my talents, but because the Lord has been faithful and because of my parents and elders prayer support and encouragement. Growing up in a land full of opportunities, where I stand is still a stepping stone for future endeavors, and a humble start to what I hope to someday achieve. I have no experience to encourage the youth, nor the brilliance to counsel anyone, but with the capacity I can, I hope that my few words can be a source of encouragement. I believe that with the power of hard work and ambition, continuous dedication and focus, believing and praying, no one can snatch your dreams. Hurdles will be there, and no successful journey can be an easy road; but persistence and hard work will never betray the efforts. The land holds many opportunities and I want to encourage everyone, that doing well in academics and studying hard will be never let anyone down. Inculcate the habit to study further, learn more, be attentive and aware and dream big. We all are talented in ways we don’t realize and are blessed with capabilities all special and unique, explore all opportunities and every possible dreams, aim high and work hard unceasingly. Big world it is, the bigger the opportunities and though small we are, big changes we can make.

KVC: Zillai Architecture lunglut te a ding ah zilna institute banggual gual a um em? Chuleh zilna ding ah compulsory subject banggual lak a ngai diam?

Betty: Architecture lunglut te a ding in Class XII ah Mathematics, Physics leh Chemistry compulsory ah lak a ngai hi. Chuleh, India gam sung ah IIT, NIT leh private institute tamtak zil thei na ding a um ah. Zia institute haw ah lut thei na ding ah chun AIEEE(All India Engineering Entrance Examination) ahiloleh IIT-JEE (Indian Institute of Technology-Joint Entrance Examination) ah entrance through a ngai hi. For the above tests, knowledge of mathematics is crucial.
There is also The National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA), where the drawing and observation skills, sense of proportion, critical thinking ability along with aptitude is tested. For further studies i.e., post-graduate and doctoral programs, the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is vital for admission to prestigious and renowned colleges.

KVC: Architecture subject hi eimi lakah vang mama hi ah hiat ahia, zia ziakah chun zia lam kai hi neukhat genlatna lei nei piak thei diam?

Betty: Architecture includes work in the construction industry and are involved with designing new buildings, alterations to existing buildings, or advising on the restoration and conservation of old properties. Architects work on individual buildings or on large development schemes, and are responsible for the design of the surrounding landscape and spaces. We also work in process of town planning and city development along with environmental impacts.

We help in creating building designs and highly detailed and liaising with construction professionals and working closely with a team of other professionals such as building service engineers, construction managers, quantity surveyors and architectural technologists.

KVC: Numei hina dawl ah lekha sang tak zil hi banggual in la gel em? Pha lasakpi lam a hem?
Betty: Absolutely yes. In an age where women empowerment and equal stand against men has been encouraged and given emphasis, I highly recommend that every individual, no matter what the gender, should study hard and take the chance to be independent and successful in their fields. Gone are the days when girls duties were limited to getting married, doing house chores and procreating. This age, we stand equal to our male counterparts – in the field of academics, sports, any field of work or in carving a name for ourselves. My opinion is that every individual must understand the value of studying and importance of academics- realizing that becoming someone, not necessarily great- but someone independent and self-sustaining should be everyone’s primary goal. Its not only about gender equality, its also about personal need to fulfill their dreams and accomplish what they intend to. Parents, elders and teachers must encourage and support the aspiration to raise self-confidence and motivation among girls to pursue their interests and ambitions.

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