Dr Thanglalmuang Neihsial

Dr. Thanglalmuang Neihsial in Orthopaedics Specialist zil ding

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Dr. Thanglalmuang Neihsial in Orthopaedics Specialist zil ding

CCpur, Oct. 6 (Nisin Thuhiltu): Saikot, Primary Health Centre (PHC) ah Medical Officer (MO) hina tawh semzinglai, Dr. Thanglalmuang Neihsial s/o Singtinsoi of Chapel Lane, CCpur in Medical College (Institute) Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, Imphal ah Master of Surgery in Orthopaedics (Orthopaedics Specialist) ziltheina ding ah selection amu dungzui in, 20th October 2022 apat a zilna panta ding ahi. Ama’n zia course chu govt. chawpna tawh Medical Officer hizingkawm ah kum 3 sung zil ding ahi.
Hiathei khat chu, RIMS, Imphal ah Specialist doctor ziltheina ding in ST seat 2 a um a, JNIMS, Imphal ah ST seat 5 a um hi. Ama’n MS Orthopaedics a zilzaw takle Vaiphei sung ah Orthopaedics Specialist Doctor masapen hiding ahi.

Dr. Thanglalmuang Neihsial in Manipur a ding ah seat 1 umsun lua in, Rajendra Institute of Medical Science (RIMS), Ranchi ah MBBBS a la zil a, October 2015 in MBBS a zo hi. Internship a zaw nung in a zilna mun RIMS, Ranchi ma ah hun chawmkhat sung House Surgeon (HS) in a la sem hi. Kum 2017 in All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) nuai ah PG Entrance Examination (12th November, 2017) in a la lawting a, AIIMS, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand ah tha bangzat ahi em sung Eye Specialist, MS (OPTHALMOLOGY) zil maleh Manipur Health Department nuai ah Medical Officer (MO) sepna 2018 ah amu dungzui in, Eye Specialist zilna sunzawm lo in a la um hi.
COVID-19 hatlai tak in Churachandpur District ah Chief Campaigner, COVID Vaccination, COVID Death MX, I/C CQC including CAPF, I/C Contact Tracing and COVID-19 Related Training, I/C COVID-19 Care Center & Member of Home Isolation in a la pang a, a sephawi ziak in 18th March, 2022 a khah Indian Medical Association, Manipur State Branch apat in Certificate of Appreciation a sâng hi.

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