“VANGKHOJOL” | Vocal: Helamboi | In remembrance of (L) Pu Benny Khongsai

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Banny Khongsai,Artist

In remembrance of (L) Pu Benny Khongsai, the legendary Kuki Pop Singer (13-01-1968 to 01-02-2021)

Vocal: Helamboi
Lyricist: Pu Zamkholien Manlun
Music & Recording: S.Haopu
Media: Ahshi Media

Tribute Video & Lyrics Releasing cum Candle Lighting Ceremony on 5th February 2021 @ KSO Complex Tuibuong,Churachandpur (6pm).

(L) Pu Benny Khongsai angailu jouse hung cheh ding in iki tiem uve.


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