StartUp Manipur Outreach Program Lamka mat in um.

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CCpur ah StartUp Manipur Outreach Program um ding

25th Jan 2021
CCpur, Jan. 19 (Thuhiltu) : YPA Hall, Hiangtam Lamka, CCpur ah 20 January 2021 zingkallam dak11:00 apat StartUp Manipur Outreach Program um ding ahi. Zia hun chu, Devesh Deval, IAS, Commissioner (Planning/PHED/Tourism) Govt. of Manipur, Director Planning Department leh Planning Department official te’n uap ding ahiu.
Zia hunsung a chu, StartUp Manipur scheme toh kisai genlat hiding, StartUp Manipur toh kisai ah Movies suadaw hiding ahi.

StartUp Manipur scheme ahileh Entrepreneurship lam ah lunglut himaleh sum neilo ziak ah haksatna tuakte kithuapina ding ah State Govt. in a chiapi scheme a hi.
StartUp Manipur scheme muthei ding te chu stage chuamchuam – Idea Stage, ESS Stage, Revenue Stage, Stand Up ah khen in a um a, zia dungzui a chu business pan nuam te’n Idea Stage ah apply bawl thei ding, Bussiness bawlsa kitodel haksa-sa te’n ESS Stage ah kithuapina dawn thei ding, business bawlzing himaleh sum haksatna ziak ah business keklian theilo te’n Revenue Stage ah govt. panpina dawn thei ding ahiu. Stand Up stage ahileh bussiness bawl a biktak ah SC/ST/OBC/Women/Minority-te kithuapina ding ah chiapi ahi.
Lam chuamchuamah business bawl financial lam ah taksap ziak ah business bawlna masawn theilote leh Business panthak nuam taphawt in zia ah StartUp Manipur Outreach Program hi, lemchang ah lak thei ding a hi.

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