Election Commission 2021-Vaiphei People’s Council(VPC)

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19th May 2021 | Kanam Vaiphei

Vaiphei People’s Council(VPC) Kum 2021 to 2024 sung ah Vaipaw ding kitel na Election Commission ding ah guat ah umte ahiu.

Chief Election Commission – Pu.Rev.Lamkhogin Khaute EOC, Churachandpur

Secretary Election Commission – Kaiminlun Vaiphei Assistant professor, Government of Manipur.

Election Commission Member – William Baite EE PHED Phelzawl, Government of Manipur

A mau te sia malak na hin VPC election chu buai na bang ma umlo in zaw fel thei ahi tai. Election hi VPC Office Bethel veng, New Lamka, Churachandpur ah mat in ala um ahi kha.



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