David Soineithang Lengen Sanjenthong, Imphal in PhD ala kimu tai

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31st August 2021 | Kanam Vaiphei


David Soineithang Lengen S/o (L) William Khuptinlun Lengen, IPS h/o Hatneithem Lengen of Near Officer’s Colony, Sanjenthong, Imphal in PhD ala mu tai. Ama PhD topic ahi leh
Topic: India – China Relations with Special Reference to Pakistan ahi. Chun ama hin Professor Damodar Panda, Department of Defence and National Security Studies, Punjab University, Chandigarh nuai ah Research ala bawl ah tuni 31/08/2021 University order suak in PhD degree piak ala hi. Alawtinna hi kipakpi um takzet ahi.

Dr David Soineithang Lengen, hi tu leh tu hin, DM University, Imphal ah Asst.Professor Sem lai ahi. Zillai ngaina, Zillai khanto machal na dinga pan la Jing tu khat ahi.

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