ZOFIDA in Talent neite ading huang bawlpiak

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1st March 2021 | Kanam Vaiphei

Zogam Film Development Association(ZOFIDA) in Lamka khosung ah Khanglaite Talent a pha chuam thei pen ah matsak ding tup na in “Tribal’s Got Talent” kiti organised ding ahiu. Zia na chun, hun mat didan fel kim tak mai in zia a nuai ah gual hin siam fel ahi tai.

Competition round schedules
Audition: 19th & 20th March
1st Elimination G-A
22 March, 2021

1st Elimination G-B
23 March, 2021
2nd Elimination G-A
24 March, 2021

2nd Elimination G-B
25 March, 2021
3rd Elimination G-A
26 March, 2021

3rd Elimination G-B
27 March, 2021
Top-10 round will be held on the 1st ZOFIDA Film Festival (details will be notified as soon as possible).

All round timings will be 6:00PM onwards.

Venue: YMA Hall, Hmuia Veng, Teddim Rd., Churachandpur.

For query contact: 7085338943

Note: The event will be following the Covid-SOPs strictly.

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