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10th March 2024 | Kanam Vaiphei

VPC Chawngkhozo Block in a hung tung ding Dt,14/3/2024 ningani(Thursday) 11;30 am le VPC Bunglow Chiangpi mun ah Cabinet members ten 2024 to 2026 sung vaipaw dia ki tiam na hun mang ding u ti thu dawn ahi, 1, President = Mr,Th,Muanlal of Lungchuang 2, V.President =Mr, Ginzalam of Chiangpi 3, General secy =Mr, P.John Vaiphei 4, Joint secy= Mr,Ph. Lunmang of D.Khozim 5, Finance secy=Mr, Johnson of Lungchuang 6, Treasurer= Mr, N.Muanthang of Chiangpi 7, Information secy= Mr, Siamlal of Chawngkhozo 8, Statistics secy= Mr, Zamlal of C.Munpi 9,Custom & Culture= Mr, Thangluai of Lungchuang 10, Relief & Rehabilitation= Mr, Lunlal of Thingkeu Adviser= 1, Mr,T.K Siama of V.Munlai 2, Mr, Luaikhomang of Thingkeu 3, Mr,Kaimuan of Chawngkhozo Zia a chunga te sia hi ahiu. Department of Information VPC Chawngkhozo Block

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