Vaiphei Officers’ Forum Election cum Felicitation programme

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Vaiphei Officers’ Forum in Election -cum- Felicitation programme mang ding

Vaiphei Officers’ Forum saina nuai ah a hungtung ding February 15, 2021 zingkal lam dak 11:00 leh Hotel Imphal mun ah Election tawh kithua in tunaicha Vaiphei officer tingthak leh kaisang thak mi 34te kipakpina programme mang ding a hiu. Officer ting thakte chu Rev S. Prim Vaiphei in malzawl dawtpiakna pauchapna nei intin, VPC, YVA leh Zillai GHQ a kipat le thugenna um ding a hi. Zia zaw chuleh VOF puitu thak ding Chairman, Vice Chairman leh Secretary ding telna le um ding a hi.

detail programme attached


1 thought on “Vaiphei Officers’ Forum Election cum Felicitation programme

  1. Kipakpi um e, ei Insung in mi 34 officers thah enei be jiak in. Chule tua khangthak te adeh a lekha sim te ding in kitil khouna phatak ding ahi.

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