Mr. H. Vaiphei in Indian Air Force “Wing Commander” a kaisangta

General Updates

18th Dec 2023 |Kanam Vaiphei

Mr. H. Vaiphei s/o Pu Thangkholet Vaiphei of Jangnoi Vangkho, Saikul Area, KPI Dst. in tuni Date 18-Dec.- 2023 ni in Pathian mapui na zal in asep na Indian Air Force a Squadron leader a pat kaisang in “Wing Commander” hina pisk in aum tai tithu hiat ahi.

Ziagual ah Eimi Air force Officer nasem hi vak gen thei hial kitamlo ahi ban ah Ama hi tu le tu senior penle hung ding ahi. Zia gual asap na lawting tozel aum thei ah aum na chung in Pathian kiang in kipak thu igen ua,tu nung ale asap na ahun law tin to zel I dawn sak nau ahi.

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