Bandh Updated | Monday ah bandh umtalo ding.

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Bandh Updated.

15th March 2021 | Kanam Vaiphei

Monday ah bandh umtalo ding.

Manipur Hill area ah Autonomus District council Election ahun tak ah Manipur state N.Biren singh lead government in aum sak thei lo ziak ATSUM in Bandh zani khan ala bawl ahi.

Zia dung zui ah chu N.Biren Singh Chief Minister of Manipur in ATSUM te ko in ADC Election um sak ahi thei na ding ah mawpaw tuding aguat ngal tak ziak un tu ni pat hin, Hill area ah abandh chu ATSUM in hun tiam umlo in a chawn gamlat tai. Monday ah pat a bandh umtalo ding ahi.

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